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Our Mission

At BBVA, our veterinarians and staff consider pets to be part of the family. Our goal is to provide your family pet with the highest quality, compassionate medical care while staying within your budget.

When you join the BBVA family for your pet’s care, we strive to educate you with the most current preventive care strategies and information so that we can be partners in keeping your pets healthy. We believe that tactful preventive measures can help avoid costly medical issues in the future.

Our professional staff members pride themselves on regular attendance at continuing education seminars so that they are able to provide exceptional care for their patients with the most up-to-date information on disease prevention.

When you bring your pet to BBVA, you are receiving quality medical care and advice that not only fits your budget now but for your pet’s entire life.

Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates
Proud to be Your Hometown Vet

Our Story

The location of Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates was not always a veterinary hospital. In July of 1931, the Blue Moon nightclub debuted. The strings of blue electric overhead lighting illuminated the stage. It made for the perfect ambiance to enjoy outdoor big band music and lobster rolls while watching boats travel through the canal, which was still an attraction (as it had just opened in 1914). Popular with locals and service members through prohibition and World War II, the Blue Moon was the hometown place to be for swing music, dancing, and their signature cocktail, the Aviation. Often the biggest crowds attended for “Midnight Frolics” on Sundays after midnight (technically the early AM hours of Monday) as alcohol serving was illegal on Sundays then. As entertainment trends changed in the mid-60’s the location was reinvented as a family restaurant known as Byron’s Landing.

The location had its first transformation to become a veterinary hospital during the 1970s. The Henry family then purchased the location in 1984, and the building underwent more extensive renovations, outfitting it to be capable of being a full-service veterinary hospital. When this occurred, reminders of the location’s history were found, such as a World War II Air Force cap and photos of the locals dressed for the swing dance parties. In 1996, the Henry family opened Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates. Since then, the hospital has dedicated itself to being part of the hometown community by delivering quality care to our clients and patients, supporting community initiatives, and even visiting senior living communities to help with their pet’s needs. Perhaps some of these hometown residents took part in those infamous Blue Moon Midnight Frolics during the early days of the location!

We are proud to be part of the Buzzards Bay Community.

The Blue Moon circa 1941

Meet Our Doctors

Our team puts your pet first!

Dr. Sandy Higgins

Dr. Dana Anholzer

Full-Service Pet Hospital


At Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates, we treat your whole pet, never just a health condition or symptom. Our comprehensive approach to pet health care includes prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and referrals as needed. We believe in blending state-of-the-art technology and treatment with a personal touch. Every person on our staff is here because they have a special bond with animals and are committed to their health and well-being.

Definitely have to say that one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for Jack was switching his vet to Dr. Knowlton at BBVA. My old vet was scared of large breed dogs and made me sedate him every time we went in for something as simple as a check up. Anyone that knows my giant goofball knows that he is as harmless as they come. Dr. Knowlton is amazing with Jack and she understands that less is more with him. He loves coming to BBVA and will basically let them do anything to him including getting blood drawn (which he hasn’t been able to do since he was a puppy). If anyone is looking for a local vet I highly recommend BBVA. I couldn’t be happier… love my bubs!

Christi C.

Very caring vet clinic! Always take excellent care of my cats and dogs and show a good love for animals which I am pleased with!

Stephanie M.