Online Pharmacy

Vets First Choice
Our veterinary hospital has partnered with Vet’s First Choice (part of Covetrus) online pharmacy to be able to provide our clients with a comprehensive list of prescription medications, diets, and supplements to fit the specific needs of every individual pet, all with the convenience of home delivery. Our staff has digital access to ensure that your pet is prescribed exactly what their veterinarian has ordered, taking away the guesswork for the pet parent. Once logged into your account, you will be able to see your veterinarian’s recommendations for your pet and set up your delivery preferences. This is an outsourced pet pharmacy that was chosen by BBVA for their outstanding quality control, alleviating worries about online counterfeit products. When you fill your pet’s prescription at Vet’s First Choice, it is digitally recorded in your pet’s paperless medical record at BBVA so that we are always informed of what your pet is taking. Vet’s First Choice manages all shipping and financial transactions for prescriptions, allowing pet owners to set up various options, such as expedited shipping or auto-refill on items that your pet may need long term, such as chronic medications and diets, so that pet owners do not need to worry about forgetting to refill a prescription. Billing and shipping questions should be directed to Vet’s First Choice. BBVA does not control auto-ship settings or billing preferences that are set between the client and Vet’s First Choice, but the customer service team at Vet’s First Choice is always happy to help.