a story of cold laser success

Wesley and his beloved best buddy Tula were adopted through a rescue organization when his previous owners were no longer able to afford their care. He and his new owners fell in love as he is a very cuddly and affectionate laid back kitty. As aging progressed and he celebrated his 14th birthday, he was having increasing difficulty getting around and needed help to get into his favorite spots on the couch and on the bed. Even walking up the stairs became difficult. He was diagnosed at Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates with severe arthritis of the knees, hips and lower back which are not only very painful conditions but also lead to atrophy (or loss) of muscles and pronounced weakness. His owner discussed with their veterinarian ways they could help their furbaby and improve his quality of life. A course of Cold Laser Therapy decided upon as a non-invasive treatment to reduce pain and inflammation and promote muscle regeneration. It worked! After the second treatment he was able to move around and walk up the stairs more easily. He is even able to jump up onto furniture and get to his favorite spots on his own now, although he still enjoys a boost from his owner as it comes with positive attention and petting. Wesley continues to improve every day and is very thankful that his owner was willing to bring him for a series of Cold Laser Therapy treatments.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy is an alternative treatment option for a variety of common conditions. It is non-invasive and has minimal side effects, thus making it an excellent option for our geriatric patients who are commonly unable to tolerate oral anti-inflammatories. Using a laser probe (similar appearance to an ultrasound probe), photons are emitted at a controlled frequency which then stimulate the targeted tissues to decrease inflammation, decrease pain, and promote muscle and cell regeneration.

What does it treat?

Here at BBVA we commonly use Cold Laser Therapy to treat both chronic and acute pain from osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, wounds, and several other conditions.

What is the treatment protocol?

The protocol varies based on the diagnosis and needs of the patient but the majority of pets follow this schedule for treatment: week 1 – 3 treatments, week 2 – 2 treatments, week 3 – 1 treatment, then maintenance consists of 1 treatment every 2-4 weeks depending on the needs of the patient. Each treatment only takes 3-10 minutes and is painless.

If I think my pet would benefit from Cold Laser Therapy what should I do?

If you think your pet could benefit from Cold Laser Therapy then please schedule a consultation with one of our veterinarians. The veterinarian will evaluate your pet and determine if your pet’s condition is a candidate for Cold Laser Therapy and also will pinpoint the target area for treatment. Skin and coat type will need to be determined in relation to body weight to make an individualized treatment plan that one of our veterinary technicians can administer to your pet. Cold Laser Therapy is very affordable and has minimal known side-effects or risks.