Most dog and cat owners are well aware of the need to bring their pets for regular veterinary care and vaccines. Vet visits are are great way to ensure that our beloved furry friends are kept as healthy and happy as possible. The same holds true for ferrets. Here is why pet domestic ferrets should visit their veterinarian routinely:

Ferrets need regular vaccines – Ferrets are susceptible to both Rabies and Canine Distemper Virus and should be vaccinated for these diseases yearly. It is important that ferrets receive only vaccines made for ferrets which we keep in stock at Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates.

Ferrets often have parasites – Ferrets can have both ectoparasites (parasites on the skin or ears such a mites), intestinal parasites such as coccidia, and are also susceptible to heartworm disease. Some parasites can lead to severe health issues if untreated. Other parasites can be avoided entirely with regular prevention.

Ferrets can develop diseases as they age – A thorough physical exam can uncover early signs of several diseases that are common in ferrets such as adrenal disease, heart disease and digestive system disorders. Ferrets also have a variety of tumors and cancers that they are prone to developing. Like most health issues, early detection of these issues in ferrets is their best chance for successful treatment and a good outcome.

Ferrets are naughty – Yup! We love them because they are curious, entertaining and mischievous but this can lead to injuries, intestinal foreign bodies and need for emergency surgery. It is always beneficial to have an established relationship with a veterinarian that knows your ferret. Ferrets that are kept healthy with regular veterinary care have improved chances of a quick return to good health after emergency visits for misadventures.