Dr. Sandy Higgins has been one of the associate veterinarians at Dedham Veterinary Associates and is now joining the team at Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates, staying busy taking great care of the medical and surgical needs of our patients. In addition she also finds time to serve as shelter veterinarian for Shultz’s Guest House, https://www.sghrescue.org/. This non-profit organization rescues lost, homeless and abandoned dogs from the south and provides comfortable “guest” accommodations, socialization, medical care and volunteer delivered love. The rehabilitation provided by this shelter allows these dogs to be ready to be welcomed into loving homes. Dr. Higgins performs careful physical exams on each of these dogs to direct needed medical care and ensure they are healthy for adoption. Her work for Shultz’s Guest House is essential to their mission of saving dogs that would otherwise be homeless and forgotten.

“Being the shelter veterinarian for Shultz’s Guest House is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. This non-profit rescue is a beautiful place for dogs coming from Bark Place 4 Dogs in Tennessee to be temporarily housed until they find their forever home, and I am so proud to be a part of that process. My physical examinations are an important step in making sure we place healthy pups with their new owners. The staff is an amazing group of caring professionals and volunteers, and it makes my heart happy to help place these dogs in loving homes.” – Sandy Higgins, DVM

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